Fees and Prices

We realise every business we deal with is unique with it’s on specific set of requirements and aims.  Some businesses have a lot of experience trading with China and require help with very specific issues. Others are totally new to this and will have more comprehensive requirements.

Employing our services should be regarded as an investment not drain on your resources.  We aim to add value to your business by reducing costs of sourcing contacts (be they buyers or sellers) using our experienced traders in Guanzhou and our comprehensive network of contacts.

Trading in a new market, and one with such huge cultural differences can lead to very costly errors and mistakes. We aim to eliminate those using knowledge and experience trading in this environment.

The key to successful trading and making a healthy profit for your business is being able to source products at the right price and then shipping them to the UK safely and efficiently for the lowest possible price.  Our business consultants expertise in negotiating enables you to secure products at the best price.  Our logistics team have many years experience in shipping, dealing with port authorities and transportation in China and the UK with warehousing facilities available in both countries.

Another key area which can lead to disappointment and costly mistakes is in quality control and order fulfilment.  We provide your eyes and ears on the ground and can inspect goods for quality before loading and supervise loading of containers.

So how much does all this cost?  Well probably less than you think although we believe you will more than get a return on your investment with us.  We run a very efficient organisation and employ skilled people to keep costs competitive.

We provide in offering a personalised bespoke service to each of our customers and do not offer ‘one size fits all packages’.  If you are interested in using our services we will meet with you and discuss your requirements and get to understand your business and aims.  We will then give you a proposal in writing with detailed costings.

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