Plastic Mould Production Facility

Our plastic injection mould production facility has recently been upgraded and is now double the size offering increased capacity, faster turn around time and further cost savings to our customers by using advanced production techniques.

If you have a product you have designed and want to see put into production this is the place to come.  We offer cost effectve end to end solutions from the design phase, through sampling and modifications to final production runs.  Our assembly plant next door is able to offer a complete one stop service to produce the final finished product for you.

We can deal in a wide variety of plastics from polypropylene through polycarbonate, ABS, nylon and many more.   We also support a wide variety of project needs from very small 1 & 2mm parts through to large 3m construction panels.  Our experienced design team can support you every step of the way from those initial design drawings right through to the finished packaged product offering the most cost effective solution to make your ideas a reality.

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