Visiting China

If you are looking to trade with China, either as an exporter or an importer it is a very good idea to visit, and in the case of exporters in particular several visit are probably required.

Visiting China for the first time is exciting and a huge insult on the senses.  A massive country the size of Europe with as many different languages and significant cultural differences between regions. It is a country of massive ultra modern mega cities, and areas of breath taking natural scenery with a wonderful choice of food and exciting culinary experiences for those willing to try.   Chinese people can be very welcoming and helpful but there are many social conventions it is wise to observe.   They have a strong family values and a powerful work ethic.  Although in the major cities some people will understand English it is usually on a basic conversational level only and many do not.

Doing business however takes things to a whole new level.  Unless your Mandarin is good you will need a translator – preferably one who  understand business and trading and it is essential you use someone you can trust and who is working to further your interests.  Finding and meeting the right contacts requires detailed planning and research BEFORE you visit if your time is going to be productive and profitable.  Just turning up to visit a trade show (such as the Canton Fair) without planning beforehand and establishing contacts is unlikely to be successful.

There are huge cultural differences doing business in China and building relationships with your customers is very important.  How you present yourself and your company, can have a huge impact on your likely success and in China you are judged on very different criteria to the West. Personal introductions and contacts can speed up the process.  Knowing who you are dealing with is essential and the ability to reach the decision makers in a company is vital if you are to close a deal. (see our page on essential questions to ask).

We can arrange your visit to China to ensure you meet your objectives and reach a successful outcome.  Firstly we spend time finding what you hope to achieve and what you are looking for.  We can then plan and arrange your visit for you.  If you require we will accompany you on the visit and be with you every step of the way.

Issues to consider are:

  • How will get to the hotel
  • Will the hotel be suitable
  • How will I make contact with clients
  • How will I communicate with them
  • How long will it take to meet clients
  • How will I get around
  • How will I know if they are genuine
  • How can I check their factories
  • Who will look after my interests after I leave China
  • Who will arrange shipment and delivery of goods

Our comprehensive visit service will be tailor made to meet your requirements but typically includes the items in the table below.