UK Authorised Representative

The UK finally leaves the EU and its legislative framework on 31.12.20.   Current rules for certifying products for sale and use in industry in the UK is going to change. The current CE system used by the EU will no longer be valid.  This will be replaced by a new system of certification UKCA.   There is a 1 year transition period where, for most goods, they can be certified and marked with CE or UKCA. From 1st of January 2022 all goods will need the new UKCA and some products will need this from the beginning of 2021.   Although for the time being at least most of the requirements of the new UKCA are the same as the CE system there are differences and this is likely to increase over time.

Many companies exporting from China to the UK have previously used the services of an authorised representative in other EU countries. This will no longer be possible and they will need to appoint an Authorised representative in the UK.

As a UK company with many years experience trading with China. With offices in China we are in an ideal position to assist companies with this new compliance.  The services we offer include:

  • Use of our name and UK address as an authorised representative,
  • Checking service to ensure compliance with the new UK rules and UKCA in particular. 
  • We can also help with customs clearance ensuring a smooth process for Chinese companies looking to sell into the UK,
  • Acting as a point of contact and liaison between the manufacturing company and UK boarder control agencies.

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