Important Information

China-UK Trade Consultants is the trading name of China-UK Trade Consultants Ltd. Registered office: 262 High Road, Harrow UK HA3 7BB    Registered in England and Wales.  Company registration no: 11003740

China-UK Trade Consultants (US, WE) operates for clients (YOU, YOUR) strictly on a consultancy basis.   When advice is provided by US it is provided on the basis of our best considered opinion.  It has no legal standing and is supplied to the YOU for YOUR own private use in connection with YOUR business and that of YOUR advisors and is not intended for public dissemination.

Where WE source goods or products for clients it is done so on the specific request of clients and to YOUR order.   WE operate strictly on a business to business basis and do not offer retail services of any kind.      WE act solely as a consultant and agent in this respect in assisting YOU to purchase the goods or products.  Should the goods or products prove defective or unsatisfactory in any way WE will assist you to claim redress from the supplier however WE will not be held liable for any losses incurred by YOU or for paying any compensation.  Where WE invoice YOU and YOU pay monies to US for the purchase of such goods or products YOU do so in the knowledge that such payment is made to US as an agent to facilitate the purchase and is received and held by US on that basis and does not create a contract between US and YOU for the said purchase.  Our role on receipt of such payments is to use the monies to facilitate the transfer of monies to suppliers overseas, to facilitate foreign exchange,  to shipping companies and other agencies where we incur costs on YOUR behalf as required to facilitate the delivery of the goods as outlined and specified on the invoice.

Where WE arrange to import goods on YOUR behalf and act as the named importer WE do so strictly on the basis of facilitating the import for YOU.  YOUR contract remains with the original supplier and WE simply act as YOUR agent.  Even if WE are the named importer the responsibility for ensuring the goods or products comply with regulations in the destination country remain with YOU.

When purchasing goods and products from China it is normal practice unless specified otherwise in writing that any faulty goods will need to be returned to the supplier at YOUR expense.  Any refund of faulty goods or products will be limited to the ex works price of the goods and will not include the cost of shipping, duty and taxes which are non refundable in all cases.

China-UK Trade Consultants is not a trading company a wholesaler or a retailer of any kind.