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A successful year with record trade

This year has been a very successful year for China-UK Trade Consultants. We have seen record trade volumes and helped more customers than ever before. Our customers have ranged from large corporate entities through to small start up businesses. Two of our biggest growth areas has been in sourcing products for those looking to buy from China. We have helped companies not only save thousands by negotiating better prices but perhaps more importantly by finding better quality products for our customers. In many cases we have saved customers from very costly mistakes from buying products which turned out not to be fit for purpose. If you are looking to source from China – before you place that order talk to us – it may be the best call you ever make.

The other big area of growth we have seen is in exporting. The government has been doing a lot to encourage and support growth in exports around the wold including China. As a result we have seen a dramatic increase in enquires from companies looking to start exporting and from some already exporting but looking to increase there presence in China. Examples of the sort of work we have undertaken include setting up online selling to China, warehousing and logistics. Licensing and compliance issues. Company formations including RO’s and WOFE’s in China. With our help and managed properly the process is not as daunting as it might at first seem. If you are looking to export or expand your export can you really afford to ignore what will soon become the biggest market in the world? Give us a call to find out more and see how we can help you.