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Another delivery arrives to help with the COVID-19 outbreak

How times have changed – the world feels almost unrecognizable to the world we knew just a few weeks ago.  Businesses have had to change too.  For our part we have been inundated with requests for help sourcing personal protective equipment (PPE).  In particular we have had a lot of requests for face masks, face visors, hazard suits and hand sanitizer.

When sourcing from China one always has to be careful to establish the product is built to the standard you require and is delivered to that standard.  Here in the UK as in the EU most of this is controlled by EU harmonized standards and the CE system.  So far so good however there are some products which claim certification but which turns out to be false.  Sadly this problem seems to have multiplied one hundred fold over the past two months.  The amount of false CE certifications we are finding is staggering.  This sadly has included a couple of EU notified bodies who seem happy to issue CE certification without having seen the proper documentation.

This has meant a huge amount of work for our staff sorting out the good products from the rest.  Today I am pleased we were able to take delivery of some 3 layer single use face masks one of our customers badly needed.  There are many more on the way!