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Last Minute Rush For Christmas

As summer draws to a close many retailers will now be focusing on their Christmas marketing campaign. Probably the most important time of year for many. It’s vital therefore to get this campaign right, from the products they are going to sell through to the way they are markets and priced. Most retailers have ordered their Christmas stocks by now and many already have them in their warehouses.

There is still time for tat last minute shopping – maybe an item or two that you think might compliment your current plans, maybe a new product you have just heard about which could be this year’s best seller or maybe something you have just learned your competition is going to sell. We have had a surprising number of enquiries over the past month from retailers looking to make those final acquisitions.

With a delivery time of 4-6 weeks its still possible to place orders in the next couple of weeks and have them delivered in time for the Christmas rush. However if you do place that late order it’s really important that you know the order can be delivered promptly or it will e useless – something we specialise in by dealing direct with the factories and manufacturers for you and having some of the best contacts in the shipping industry. So if you have a few items left on your wish list don’t delay give us a call now and we will source it for you.