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Builders look to China to relive shortages in building materials

Building and construction in the UK is currently on the increase, especially in the domestic housing sector.  This is driven by a chronic shortage of housing, increasing demand and rising prices.  The UK government has supported and encouraged increased house building through a number of initiatives including relaxing planning controls and financial incentives.

This has led to an acute shortage of building materials and house builders and construction companies are struggling to source the materials they need for their projects. The shortage has led to rising prices which has led some more forward thinking builders to look overseas to procure the items they need.

We have experienced increasing inquiries from house builders and construction companies looking for help securing building materials from China.  Through our extensive network of contacts we have been able to help many of these companies secure the materials they need at a competitive price and more importantly been able to deliver them in the time frames required.

One of the commonest concerns expressed by companies looking to import from China is around quality control and meeting required EU and UK standards.  The other concern is usually around order fulfillment and delivery times.  Because we are a UK company with staff on the ground in China it puts using a unique position to assist these companies fulfill their requirements.   By trading with China it has given these companies a competitive edge over their competitiors, but will it last or will more companies take up the challenge as the UK increasingly looks away from europe and towards the rest of the world?