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US Plans to increase trade tarriffs – Good news or bad?

Recent announcements by US president Donald Trump that he intends to increase tarriffs on imported steel ad aluminium is t many a backward step heralding the spectre of trade wars and protectionism.  Whilst this may be true there is little we here in the UK can do about it.  It does however bring opportunities for those looking to spot them.

Following Chinese New Year still prices reached a predictable seasonal high as demand far our stripped supply, however following Trump’s announcement a=Asian stock markets fell and so did steel prices.  So is this a good time to  buy Chinese steel?  We believe it probably is and we are not alone in thinking that.  We have seen a fourfold increase in enquiries for steel products in the past week particularly from construction companies and notably scaffolding companies looking to take advantage of this window of opportunity.   If you to are looking to by steel products our advice is to move quickly.  Steel prices are notoriously volatile and if you want to take advantage of these prces you need to move fast to secure the best deals.

We are happy to assist any company looking to take advantage of these favourable trading conditions.