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A discussion on China and its changing economy.

Last night our director Mike spent an interesting half hour in discussion with Professor Hong Bo, professor of financial economics SOAS London and Professor Xiaolan Fu, professor of technology and international development Oxford University on a program ‘The Bottom Line’ hosted by Evan Davis on BBC Radio four and also on the World service.

The discussion was wide ranging covering China’s changing economy to a high tech high value platform, its leaning to growing its internal market, and its relationship to Russia and the west in terms of its economy in the light of recent events.

We also discussed China’s property market and its well publicised problems, capitalism in China is it under attack from central government?    How the worlds reliance on the US dollar may change and China’s view on this and also whether China’s position as the factory of the world is likely to change anytime soon.  Our own take on that is for businesses economics, and profit margins will continue to be the dominant factor when making decisions on where to source and manufacture and we believe China will continue to be the default place to go.

The full discussion can be found here It’s worth a listen!