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Carillion collapse – disaster or opportunity?

The collapse of Carillion in the UK has come as a shock and surprise to some, but not to others who had predicted the problems and voiced tier concerns.  Either way it’s a worrying and difficult time for many of the 1000’s of employees affected.   It is also a huge concern for the many sub contractors who undoubtedly will be affected by this, some of whom stand to loose £1000’s which may lead in turn to staff layoffs or worse even closure of some businesses.

The collapse of Carillion however also brings opportunities.  When a company ceases to trade it inevitably leaves behind a hole into which other companies will look to fill.  The bigger the company the bigger the hole and in this case it’s a very big hole.   Smaller more nimble companies will be best placed to take advantage of this and many of Carillion’s sub contractors should now be looking close at the opportunities that will inevitable present to see how they are best placed to take advantage.

Part of any companies strategy to in business is cost control to gain a competitive edge.  Sourcing quality supplies at the best possible price is a key element.  Large multi-national companies have huge teams with offices based in Asia and Africa to facilitate this.  Bur smaller companies can also compete in this market by out sourcing this work and engaging the help of trade consultants such as ChinaUKTC.  We are able to negotiate very competitive deals and prices for our customers (both large and small) to enable them to compete effectively with the multi nationals.    We are particularly active in the construction market at the present time and have a lot of valuable established contacts within China

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