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China Goes Green

As China enforces its ban on imported plastic waste the western world reels.  China recycled over 30% of the worlds plastic so it’s refusal to accept imports of plastic waste is not to be under estimated.  What is surprising is the shock an surprise expressed by countries such as the UK given that this change was announced by the Beijing government in August last year.

The effect will not only be felt in the west, Chinese industry relies heavily on this re cycled waste for it’s packaging and the ban will create a shortfall and demand for packaging.  This should be good news to entrepreneurs as it offers opportunities.  Companies around the world involved in the packaging industry, wood, fibre, and plastics should be rubbing their hands with glee at this opportunity.  Indeed the more forward thinking companies will already have plans in place to exploit the opportunity.

The Chinese government and in particular Xi Jinping should be congratulated on their bold moves to clean up the environment and in doing so provide opportunities for businesses to exploit.

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