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Take Advantage of Shipping Rates at Seasonal Low

Shipping rates from China to UK are currently low due to a sluggish market and poor demand.  As shipping lines struggle to fill their half full vessels a relative price war has erupted and there are good deals to be had.  The current situation has been on going for over a month now and is expected to continue throughout July.  As we approach August and the busy Christmas delivery season we are expecting prices to rise.

If you currently buy goods from China, or if you are looking to do so in the near future you need to act fast to take advantage of these rates.  Factories typically have a 2-4 week manufacturing time so you ned to place orders now to take advantage of these low shipping rates.  Shipping is a major component in the cost of any goods bought from China contributing anything from 10% to 50% of the costs so savings made there can make a real difference to the bottom line.

If you need assistance to get those orders processed and through in time to take advantage of this call us now on 020 3538 1703 or via our contact form