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Another successful delivery of face masks and visors

The shortages of PPE in the UK is talked about on a daily basis.   The extent of the shortfall is hard to assess with some saying there is no shortage with plenty of supplies available, just a difficulty with logistics getting it to those who need it.  At the same time we read reports of health care workers re using PPE for days on end, others improvising with home made solutions and other who simple don’t have what they need.  There are even reports today of PPE designed for single use being washed and re used.

The problem seems particularly acute at the moment in Care homes and amongst domiciliary care workers both of whom are at high risk and so are their patients.  We know from calls and requests we have received to our office that for some the shortages are very real.

It is therefore even more rewarding to be able to help in our very small way with yet another consignment of face respirators and face visors delivered to our customers.  We know have well established supply lines and we are please to report we have more stock on the way.